3 Event Cluster

Combine three of our deck sprays in one shallow vessel.

  • Have a Pop Jet, a Foam Jet and a Mist Jet all clustered together.
  • They can be programmed to all go off together or individually to perform a show.
  • Can be lighted at night for "shows".
  • A great ground effect for younger age groups.
  • One second the ground is erupting as a Pop Jet, then as a Foam Jet, then as a Mist Jet and suddenly all three are blasting away.
  • Perfect for smaller parks.
  • Can be placed anywhere on a Splashzone.
  • Ages 4 to 12.
3 Event Cluster
  • Specifications:
Flow 2-15 GPM
Pressure 20-25 PSI
Shallow Vessel 1" PVC Supply
1-1/2" PVC Drain



Power Supply 24 VAC - Solenoid valve located in the shallow vessel
Controller Required



Mounting System Shallow vessel mounting only
Footprint 2' to 6' diameter



Phone: (800) 932-3123
Category: Flush Mounted Ground Sprays