Shallow Polyethylene Vessel

The Shallow Polyethylene Vessels offer all of the features of the flush mounted effects, with many more options available.

  • The rugged polyethylene vessel allows us to place the solenoid valve within inches of the spray nozzle. This creates instantaneous pressure at the nozzle and allows our ground sprays to create effects unique to Waterworks International.
  • Our shallow vessels can also be equipped with lights. This allows the park to be enjoyed by children and families getting wet during the day and by everyone watching lighted water shows at night.
  • The shallow vessel is equipped with a 1" supply fitting, a 1-1/2" drain fitting and a junction box for low voltage 24 VAC electrical connection.
  • The inverted lid is filled with the same material as the surrounding deck surface for aesthetics.
  • This configuration truly makes adjustments and maintenance easy. Simply lift the lid and all adjustments can be made are right there. No more adjusting a solenoid valve in the pump room, then walking out to the spray pad, to varify your adjustment.
Shallow Polyethylene Vessel Shallow Polyethylene Vessel Shallow Polyethylene Vessel Shallow Polyethylene Vessel
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