Geyser Tower

Tower effect that shoots streams of water at the top.



  • A continuous streams can be left running or can be controlled to provide short bursts for a more random effect.
  • Should be placed on splashpad with height of water column and prevailing winds taken into account.
  • Can be grouped in twos or threes, one can be constantly streaming while the other two are randomly blasting short bursts.
  • Ages: 4 to 16.


Geyser TowerGeyser TowerGeyser Tower

  • Specifications:
Flow 50 to 75 GPM
Pressure 35 to 60 PSI
Connection 2" PVC
Power Supply Not Required
Control Panel Not Required
Mounting System Flange
Footprint This footprint is ever changing based on column height and wind conditions. No winds will produce a diameter of 10'. windy conditions will throw the water everywhere.




Download PDF Cut Sheet - blank_blank.pdf

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